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Stag at Gaze

Standing on a pinnacle, its gracefully muscled body poised for flight, its head held proud and alert, crowned by magnificent antlers, this new life size garden ornament by Cavendish Stone captures the majesty and beauty of Britain's largest land mammal - the red deer stag.

Inspired by the work of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873), one of the foremost animal painters of the Victorian Age, the lively, sinuous lines of our Stag at Gaze are a reminder of times past, when the stag (or hart) was recognized as an emblem of nobility, strength and endurance. Revered by the ancient Celtic peoples as a symbol of purity and harmony, the stag was also believed to be the embodiment of wisdom and farsightedness. Although our jaded twenty-first-century eyes might invest the stag with rather less meaning, we are still able to see and savour his handsome strength, grace and nobility.

This garden statue has been faithfully sculpted in clay and then cast in antiqued composite stone to enable it to be sited in remote locations. When in place, the base is filled with ballast for stability. The base can also be buried into the ground and then filled with ballast. The antlers are made of patinated bronze resin.

Stag plinth 115cm long x 74cm wide (3' 9" x 2' 5")
Stag height 256cm from base to antler tip (8' 5")
Stag Plinth height - 33cm (1' 1")
Stag Total width (chest to rear leg) - 165cm (5' 5")
Stag height from plinth to antler tip - 223cm (7' 4")
Stag weight: 280Kg

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Work by Carn Standing
Photography by Tim Barker