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Lions Bearing Shields

Cast in warm limestone, this noble pair of handsome stone ornaments communicates a sense of power tempered by wisdom and compassion. Each stone lion rests a strong forepaw on a shield bearing a crest. On one shield is a stag's head, facing sinister, representing peace, harmony and fortitude - the very symbol of dauntless courage and dignity in the face of insuperable odds. On the other shield, a phoenix, facing dexter, rises from devouring flames, its wings spread in triumph. An eternal metaphor for resurrection and renewal, the phoenix is a potent image of victory springing from the ashes of defeat. Together, these lions and the shields they support embody the grand virtues of courage, dignity, hope and endurance.

The lion garden statues have been faithfully sculpted in clay and cast in reconstituted stone, then aged by hand. The lions shields are made of patinated bronze resin and can be made to clients personel specification (ie Family Coat of Arms).

Flat faced lion plinth 55cm wide x 100cm long (1' 10 " x 3' 3") height 124cm (4' 1")
Tail overhang 2.5 cm wide x 7cm long
Lion 2 plinth slightly different 52cm wide x 102cm long (1' 9" x 3' 4") height same @124cm.
Lion weight: 480Kg (Each)

Lions brochure available, click here to download.
Brochure is a PDF (663Kb)

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Work by Carn Standing
Photography by Tim Barker