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Dogs of Molossi

Cavendish Stone ltd. launched a pair of colossal life-sized stone 'Dogs of Molossi' also known as 'Roman Dogs of War'.

They have been faithfully sculpted in clay and cast in an antiqued Bath stone finish, and are a limited edition of seventy-five pairs on the plinth, and seventy-five pairs off the plinth.

Each life sized ornament wears a mighty bronze collar cast with a Roman frieze, detailing a pair of winged griffins holding a vase from which is attached a large bronze tethering ring.

Molossi was the name of a people living in the Epirus mountain region of northwestern Greece and southern Albania around 300BC.

They had very famous guardians and war dogs who were given their name after the people.

The dogs were imported into the imperial armies of ancient Greece and Rome and given their own province of Molossi by Alexander the Great during his Persian campaigns.

Later in history they guarded the great feudal estates of Christendom and accompanied their masters in the chase, and later still became guardians of some of the most famous estates in the United Kingdom.

You can find their resemblance in the more muscular Mastiff of today.

The stone dogs are manufactured and hand-aged in Somerset (UK) and are available on or off the plinths in reconstituted bath stone. Also available as special commissions in hand patinated bronze or in cast bronze.

They stand alert, reaching 205cm (just under 7ft) high on their plinths, one looking down, the other into the distance.

Plinth: 90cm (2' 11") high x 102cm (3' 4") deep x 77cm (2' 6 ") wide.
Dog with base: 115cm (3' 9") high x 96cm (3' 1") deep x 71cm (2' 4") wide.

Dogs brochure available, click here to download.
Brochure is a PDF (659Kb)

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Work by Carn Standing
Photography by Tim Barker